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[savingthesims4] August 18 Sims Community
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Post [savingthesims4] August 18 Sims Community Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:40 pm
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SSS Designs Sims 2 Mirror
Today I bring you for your downloading pleasure Auntie's Kitchen Set It consists of 30 new meshes plus wall & floor. This set was made in a soft medium wood with white from a upper diag cabinet, 2 wall cabinets, dish drainer, bookcase/plates cabinet, bucher block/counter, stovehood, hanging pots ceiling lamp plus more to many to name
Files are found in a folder named Kitchen Sets subfolder Auntie's Kitchen Set
. groups.yahoo. com/group/ SSSDESIGNS_ Sims2_Mirror/

Sims 1
Victorian (or baroque) gowns
Five new Victorian gowns
They look just fine for the Pirates of the Caribbean mid 18th century, too
. groups.yahoo. com/group/ SimBrujaja/

Sims 2
Teen girls clothinghttp: //www.fortysecon dstreet.de/ include.php? path=forumsthrea d&threadid= 1738

Sims 1
Today I bring you my Canopy_1Bed, as requested by Gonewiththesim21,
at SimblesseOblige. com.
First came the bed, then a vanity to match. Well then I just had to make
something to sit on, and something to go on the vanity, didn't I! After that I
needed drapes to go with the room too! So what started out as 1 piece ended
up 5 pieces! It's in the Bedroom Folder!
. yahoo.com/ group/Simnut1sDr oppings2

Isor's Sims Hauser
Sims 3
Sims 2
House Evelyn

Liana Sims 2
3 everyday teen outfits! by Liana

Liana Sims 3
New fun and flirty swimsuit! by AnnaSims

Sims Crossing
Sims 3
Our Sims 3
* Makeover Challenge *
Is Now Underway! This contest is open to all registered Members and Staff
"Hard Core" Stairs in Black by Cameranutz II

Sims 3
Clothing and patterns
. de/wbb2/jgs_ portal.php

El Refugio de Amamatite
Sims 3
Clothing and wall decor
mamatite. blogspot. com/
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